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December 12, 2017 by at India » Goa
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Vehicle Rental
<p>Most often I get people who want to really experience the city I call home. I worked out a deal with the city to provide us with bike specific maps and as a cyclist myself I know all the easiest and best ways to see the things people like.</p>
<p>I point them to the parks and shops. For the more enthusiastic riders I keep a book of long rides handy so I can explain and show some of our premier road routes. I like talking to new and interesting people. I like that brief exchange when the business part is over and I find out why they are here and what they are interested in. As a rental shop we are bringing one of the main comforts of home travel directly to new people in a new place.</p>
<p>People often express their gratitude when they return the bikes and we get to find out how they spent their time. It is really amazing to see what they liked or what wasn’t worth the hype so we can build a mental catalogue of where to send the next group.</p>
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